How do bare tooth necks form?

There can be several causes of exposed necks. Limiting the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity and preventing their proliferation is the advice of almost every dentist. Receding gums is a frequent manifestation of their inflammation – preventable periodontitis. It should be remembered that the baring of necks can be slowed down, but that gums will not grow back. Therefore, everything we can must be done to slow the receding of gums.

First, make sure you are not using a hard toothbrush, that your toothpaste is fine, and that you are applying proper brushing techniques. An interdental brush and floss should be essential items in your bathroom.

Insensitive brushing of teeth is the most common cause of exposed necks. Pressing the brush while cleaning is no guarantee of a good result. Teeth and gums generally benefit more from gentle root-to-neck massage. Less common reasons for receding gums include changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy.


For best results, we recommend a dental hygiene check-up at least twice a year. If periodontitis has affected bone tissue, we can help our patients by filling in the missing tissue. We can change the appearance of exposed tooth necks in the form of soft tissue sculpture in the oral cavity. At Dental Smile, we will advise you and design for you a tailor-made solution.