What hidden problems can cause toothache?

There may be several factors causing toothache that may not be obvious at first glance. First of all, it is important to know that a doctor should be consulted whenever the pain lasts more than a day or two. The dentist will accurately determine the cause and recommend the appropriate treatment and procedure.


Lost tooth fillings and tooth decay

Your dentist will cover the hole left by a missing filling with a new one. A tooth without a filling can be sensitive and painful. Minor tooth decay usually does not smell. Pain is caused only at an advanced stage when decalcification of the tooth enamel due to bacteria will contribute to increased sensitivity, even pain. Conversely, a tiny dark spot in the tooth can be an ordinary pigment spot.


Tooth inflammation

Bacteria easily penetrate from the surface of the tooth to its centre if tooth decay has not been properly treated. This can result in a painful inflammation of the tooth. Suppressing pain with analgesics and not curing the inflammation can lead to the death of a tooth. Although it will no longer hurt, the bacteria then progress to the root system and necessitate opening up and cleaning the canals or pulling the tooth.

Growth of “wisdom teeth”

At the threshold of adulthood, the third molars usually erupt, causing discomfort when the jaw is small and has no room for growth. Slight swelling, pressure in the gum or dull pain, are signs that the dentist will recommend their extraction.

It should be remembered that teeth may be sensitive and after a dental procedure such as tearing or drilling may hurt. In exceptional circumstances toothache may be related to other illnesses, such as sinusitis.