Why use professional dental hygiene?

A regular dental hygiene visit, carried out by a dental hygienist, is an opportunity to prevent the causes of tooth inflammation, tooth decay, or gum disease. Combining your own dental hygiene with professional care guarantees healthy, white teeth.

What awaits you when you come in for a dental hygiene appointment?

• Hygiene instruction – how to brush properly, choosing brushes.
• Diagnosis of periodontitis – gingivitis.
• Tartar removal with hand tools and ultrasound.
• Air-flow removal of plaque and pigments (fine sandblasting and polishing of teeth).
• Fluoridation of teeth.
• Fixed braces (fixed) – professional cleaning of braces.

Depending on the level of risk of tooth decay and the nature of gum disease, one to two dental hygiene visits per year (in rare cases more) are recommended. We also provide dental hygiene services to patients registered in other dental practices.