What hidden problems can cause toothache?

There may be several factors causing toothache that may not be obvious at first glance. First of all, it is important to know that a doctor should be consulted whenever the pain lasts more than a day or two. The dentist will accurately determine the cause and recommend the appropriate treatment and procedure.   Your […]

How do bare tooth necks form?

There can be several causes of exposed necks. Limiting the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity and preventing their proliferation is the advice of almost every dentist. Receding gums is a frequent manifestation of their inflammation – preventable periodontitis. It should be remembered that the baring of necks can be slowed down, but that […]

Do you know all about dentures?

Do you know what makes a dentist decide on a bridge or crown, or why they sometimes choose a dental implant? The answer is clear. If there is a healthy root in the gum after a missing tooth, the dentist chooses a crown or bridge. If the root needs to be removed, it is advisable […]

Pigmentation removal by Airflow

Airflow or sandblasting. This involves a mixture of water, fine powder, and air. This mixture gently removes the plaque coating and external pigmentation from teeth. The sandblasting method is: • effective • painless • safe The Airflow method can clean any unsightly discolouration of teeth caused by smoking or the consumption of food and beverages […]

Why use professional dental hygiene?

A regular dental hygiene visit, carried out by a dental hygienist, is an opportunity to prevent the causes of tooth inflammation, tooth decay, or gum disease. Combining your own dental hygiene with professional care guarantees healthy, white teeth. What awaits you when you come in for a dental hygiene appointment? • Hygiene instruction – how […]