Why seek out dental hygiene?

A regular visit to the dental hygienist is an opportunity to prevent the causes of tooth inflammation, tooth decay, or gum disease. Combining your own dental hygiene with professional care guarantees healthy, white teeth. We also provide dental hygiene services to patients registered in other dental practices.

What can you expect?

Hygiene instruction – how to brush your teeth properly, choosing brushes.

Diagnosis of periodontitis – gingivitis.

Tartar removal with hand tools and ultrasound.

Removal of plaque and pigments using the Airflow method (fine sandblasting and teeth polishing).

Fluoridation of teeth.

Fixed braces (fixed) – professional brace cleaning.

Removal of pigmentation.

Sandblasting is safe method

Airflow or sandblasting. This involves a mixture of water, fine powder, and air. This mixture gently removes the plaque coating and external pigmentation from teeth. Sandblasting is an effective, painless, and safe method. The Airflow method can clean any unsightly discolouration of teeth caused by smoking or the consumption of food and beverages (coffee, tea, or red wine). After Airflow, your teeth are pleasantly clean and smooth.

Treatment of sensitive necks (dental cervices)

A lot of people suffer from oversensitive teeth. When using inappropriate aids, defects can occur in the neck of the tooth. Furthermore, the gum may recede due to the action of chronic gingivitis and subsequent periodontitis, and due to the strong clenching or grinding of teeth during sleep. In the clinic, fluoride preparations are applied to exposed necks; sensitive necks, meanwhile, become the responsibility of the dentist, and are covered with fillings.

Local fluoridation to prevent tooth decay

Teeth polishing follows the removal of tartar. It is done with a special paste and a special brush or rubber band. These are inserted into the prophylactic node and the paste containing fluorine is polished – at high speed – over the entire surface of the enamel.

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