Do you know all about dentures?

Do you know what makes a dentist decide on a bridge or crown, or why they sometimes choose a dental implant? The answer is clear. If there is a healthy root in the gum after a missing tooth, the dentist chooses a crown or bridge. If the root needs to be removed, it is advisable to fill the void with an implant, which is most often made of titanium or a zirconium oxide ceramic.

A titanium implant placed in the jaw performs the function of a tooth root and then a ceramic crown is placed on top of it. These two components then form an almost perfect replacement for a healthy tooth.

Their indisputable advantage is especially comparable strength to that of natural teeth and also their firm attachment to the jaw. If a molar is being replaced, the aesthetic result is usually very good. With the replacement of incisors, aesthetic defects may appear, especially in the case of major bone loss.

Dental crown

The dental crown is a fixed, mostly all-ceramic denture. A crown can replace partially or completely lost tooth tissue. Its function is to create an artificial sheath around a ground tooth so that it is protected from tooth decay while being mechanically strengthened. If there is not a big loss of tooth, it is possible to replace the missing part with a half crown or a three-quarter crown.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge can be made as all-ceramic, zirconium-ceramic, or metal-ceramic and is usually attached to the surrounding teeth, which need to be ground to fix the bridge. A bridge can also replace two missing teeth.